Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My genealogy smile for today. While exploring facebook I ran across this Music Video about Genealogy by the LDS band TMBE (They Might be Elders.) "What's That Year Again?" a parody of Blink 182 "What's my Age Again".

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Family Friendly Genealogy Vacations

Combining my genealogical research and historical fact finding with family vacations has often lead to rolled eyes, moans and at times outbursts “ NOT ANOTHER CEMETARY!” One trip that turned out enjoyable and family friendly was a trip to the Historic town site of Fayette, Fayette was a booming town, once one of the most productive iron-smelting operations in the Upper Peninsula. Located on the “Garden Peninsula” of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the entire area is full of historical significance, from the boom time of the Iron mines and lumber days of the northern Midwest.

The entire town of Fayette is a restored historic town site. I could walk up to the pay window of this Company, have a seat on the porch of the rooming house, or enjoy a stroll along the paths, roads or beach much like my ancestors would have. For Information Research and other gems and Gossip of the times a must visit site: http://www.fayettemichigan.com
History of Fayette

One reason for the family friendly success of this visit was I found a weekend where they have a Fayette Historic State Park-Heritage Day in August. With food, crafts, historical re-enactments the family enjoyed the trip and were less annoyed at the stops at the cemetery. Add to that a wonderful scenic location, a beach fro swimming and this is a perfect blend for a family vacation with history thrown in. Fayette Calendar of events

One of the best discoveries I made genealogically during this trip was that in the Opera house there was a wall behind the stage where during renovations they found that the wall was used as a graffiti we were here marker. On this wall I found the graffiti signatures of several of my ancestors, this was one of the connections that made all of us kids included feel a part of a place, to know that great great great grandpa Joe once scribbled his name on that wall.

Official state park information
More Images at Michigan’s Back Roads Site